Basketweave Luxury Bedding Collections

The Lili Alessandra collection of basketweave bedding includes a variety of ivory basketweave bases highlighted by bright, bold velvet appliqué. These high-end basketweave bedding collections focus on letting the accent colors and patterns shine, giving each set an effortless, clean and inviting look. All pillows come with their own insert. Shop our luxury basketweave bedding collections or choose elements from several collections to create your own inspired style.


    Karl Bedding - “Old Hollywood Glam”

    Bold and shimmering, the Lili Alessandra Karl bedding collection focuses on shades of silver, platinum and gray. The Karl Collection utilizes both basketweave and velvet bedding with platinum velvet applique and a few gunmetal gray embellishments. The result is striking, extravagant and certain to be the focal point of the room. The photo above shows the Karl Collection paired with a Lynn Upholstered Bed with side rails to accentuate the rich shades of silver and incorporate them more prominently in the design.

    All pillows come with a 95x5 down-filled insert. Add a touch of Old Hollywood Glam to your bedroom with the Lili Alessandra Karl designer bedding today.


    Kylie & Laurie Stone Bedding Collection

    You’ll find modern earth tones and neutrals with accents of gold when you shop the combined Lili Alessandra Kylie & Laurie stone bedding collection. The neutral stone basket-weave Laurie bedding is made with organic fibers and features a classic diamond-quilted pattern throughout, while Kylie and Twig pillows feature a rich pewter silk-poly base with antique gold embroidery and platinum velvet appliqué. This stone basket-weave bedding with accents of gold and pewter can be further layered and accented by faux fur pillows and throws for a bold master suite, or stripped down to the stone basket-weave basics in a guest room. When paired with clean white linens and an upholstered headboard, the golds, silvers and neutral earth tones complement each other and stand on their own for a look that’s equally traditional and extravagant. Shop the entire collection or purchase individual pieces to create your own look.