Basketweave Decorative Pillow Collections

Our selection of designer basketweave pillows features ivory as the base color with unique appliqué detailing around the border or across the face of each pillow. Our blush Ivory imported collection, for example, features blush velvet appliqué in simple, geometric designs, which complements the soft ivory color of the pillows for a delicate look. Our platinum velvet collection is bolder and more eye-catching, utilizing the contrast between the subtle basketweave and the rich platinum velvet to stand out more prominently. All of our luxury basketweave throw pillows include a complimentary insert that can be easily removed, and each pillow should be professionally dry-cleaned to maintain fabric integrity and colors.

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  • GUY

    Lili Alessandra Guy Basketweave Pillows

    Create a crisp and clean dynamic space with our decorative Lili Alessandra Guy basketweave pillows. The Guy basketweave pillow collection is rich in its ivory design with bold, geometric, Greek-inspired motifs. The motif design is a beautiful lush velvet border embroidery available in blue, gold, midnight, platinum blush and blue silk that can elevate the luxurious finish of your room. Guy basketweave and velvet appliqué designer pillows pair seamlessly in rooms with simple monochromatic color schemes or subtle grays, muted blues, taupes, and beige tones. Regardless of the color scheme, our Guy basketweave and velvet appliqué designer pillows will brighten and complement the overall look and feel of your home.


    Ivory Basketweave w/ Platinum Velvet Decorative Pillows

    Platinum velvet instantly adds a glamorous and sophisticated touch to any bedroom. Our selection of designer ivory and platinum pillows includes shapes, designs and textures ranging from baroque and classic to modern geometric patterns. The base of the majority of Lili Alessandra ivory and platinum accent pillows is a rich ivory basketweave that’s richer in color and thicker than standard cotton. On top of the ivory base are beautiful platinum velvet appliqué designs that add texture and vibrance to each piece. Pair them with an existing platinum silver bedspread for an elegant and bold look, or have the ivory basketweave pillows with platinum velvet appliqué act as the focal point when paired with linens and coverlets in a soft blue.

    Be sure to review specific fabric care instructions on each pillow to maintain color and fabric integrity, and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.