High-End Bedding Collections

The bedroom is a place where you can surround yourself with luxury and fashion. Our designer bedding collections are classic, timeless and made with luxury fabrics that are machine washable and can be used for everyday life.

We’re confident that you’ll find something that you or your client will love in our elegant bedding collections. Shop our collection of high-end bedding today.


    Luxury Linen Bedding Collections

    Browse the entire collection of Lili Alessandra designer linen bedding. When your space calls for the clean, crisp look of high-end linen bedding, our elegant linen bedding sets can point you in the right direction or give you some inspiration. From Old World baroque to transitional to modern, you’ll find a range of styles, designs, textures and colors in our linen bedding collections. For added convenience, many of our linen bedding pieces are machine washable, and all pillows come with an insert.

    Browse the Lili Alessandra collection of linen bedding sets and find a style that speaks to you!


    Luxury Velvet Bedding Collections

    All of the velvet designer bedding found at LiliAlessandra.com emphasizes interchangeable pieces. A decorative pillow from the Angie Champagne Velvet collection might be just what you wanted when paired with Moderne Ivory bedding, or a Moderne Silver personal blanket might add some contrast to your Moderne Blush pillows. However you want your space to feel and look, it can be achieved with Lili Alessandra velvet bedding. While we emphasize beautiful, elegant fabrics in our luxury velvet bedding, we know practicality is important. Several of our velvet pieces are machine washable for added convenience, and all pillows come with inserts.

    Browse a particular collection or choose pieces from a variety of sets to create a design that’s entirely you.


    Basketweave Luxury Bedding Collections

    The Lili Alessandra collection of basketweave bedding includes a variety of ivory basketweave bases highlighted by bright, bold velvet appliqué. These high-end basketweave bedding collections focus on letting the accent colors and patterns shine, giving each set an effortless, clean and inviting look. All pillows come with their own insert. Shop our luxury basketweave bedding collections or choose elements from several collections to create your own inspired style.


    Silk & Sensibility Luxury Bedding Collections

    If you love the smooth, soft feel of designer silk bedding but don’t want to deal with the hassle of profession cleaning, Lili Alessandra Silk & Sensibility bedding collections are perfect for you. These luxury silk/polyester blend bedding collections have all the feel and elegance of silk combined with the convenience of machine-washable fabric. Aside from select elements in each collection, simply remove your duvet or pillow insert and drop the bedding in your washing machine.

    From subtle velvet appliqué bordering to all-over baroque patterns, our silk & sensibility collections add a luxury home fashion to any space. Shop the collections today and find something that speaks to you.


    Jacquard Luxury Bedding Collections

    The Lili Alessandra collection of Jacquard bedding features designer bedding sets of silk and Tencel that emphasize one basic color palette. What makes high-end Jacquard bedding unique is that the designs featured across the fabric are woven rather than printed. This gives the bedding added depth and texture for a unique look. Our designer Jacquard bedding sets are as practical as they are beautiful, with almost every included piece being machine washable. Shop one of our entire jacquard collections or mix and match individual elements to create a design that represents you. Shop our luxury Jacquard bedding sets today!

Our designer bedding sets are designed so that customers can create their own personal style. Every piece of fabric in our luxury bedding sets has been hand selected to ensure quality, color and style.