Priscilla Laurel Designer Gold Jewelry at Lili Alessandra

While we may specialize in luxury bedding, we love the elegance and sophistication of designer jewelry. New to LiliAlessandra.com is this beautiful collection of hammered gold designer jewelry from Priscilla Laurel. Each piece features gorgeous flowing design, and several styles include colorful accent stones such as pearls and birthstones. Priscilla Laurel designer jewelry is known for its luxury quality, fashionable style, and attention to elegance and detail, which is why we’re so pleased to include it in our collections.

Each piece features shaped metal that’s coated with hammered 18k gold and finished in a high shine for added vibrancy and color. You’ll find unique takes on traditional styles as well as organically shaped statement pieces designed to draw in the eye and punctuate your outfit. Whether shopping for yourself, styling a model or purchasing gifts, the beautiful, elegant pieces in our hammered gold designer jewelry collection are versatile, sophisticated and timeless. Shop today and enjoy free shipping on your retail order of Priscilla Laurel designer jewelry.