Luxury Linen Bedding Collections

Browse the entire collection of Lili Alessandra designer linen bedding. When your space calls for the clean, crisp look of high-end linen bedding, our elegant linen bedding sets can point you in the right direction or give you some inspiration. From Old World baroque to transitional to modern, you’ll find a range of styles, designs, textures and colors in our linen bedding collections. For added convenience, many of our linen bedding pieces are machine washable, and all pillows come with an insert.

Browse the Lili Alessandra collection of linen bedding sets and find a style that speaks to you!


    Christian with Platinum Transitional Bedding Collection

    The defining characteristic of Lili Alessandra Christian designer bedding is its unique velvet applique pattern. Christian Collection transitional bedding has an organic, geometric look that combines the clean, traditional style of white linen with a sleek, modern accents of platinum velvet. All pillows in this collection come with a 95x5 down-filled insert. Create your own transitional style with our Christian White with Platinum pillows and throw.


    Christian with Midnight Transitional Bedding Collection


    Sophia Ivory Linen / Cotton & Gold Lurex Bedding Collection


    Soho White Linen & Ice Silver Velvet Designer Bedding

    The Ice Silver collection from the Soho bedding line includes a collection of simple and intricate shapes and patterns on a clean, white linen base. The Soho pillows feature a simple double appliqué of ice silver velvet to help frame your bedding while the more baroque patterns of Mozart and Paris pillows add a classic style to the collection. This same silver appliqué appears on the luxury bedding’s duvets and throws, and the entire collection is underlined by diamond quilted coverlets and pillows featuring the same soft ice silver velvet. All pillows come with an included insert, and all pieces are machine washable aside from select pillows and throws.

    Browse the entire Lili Alessandra Soho Ice Silver bedding collection today and redesign your bedroom space with soothing classic colors and styles!


    Soho White w/ Straw Bedding Collection

    The Lili Alessandra Soho straw bedding collection combines bold, rich straw gold velvet with the clean, simple elegance of white linen. Diamond quilted Chloe coverlets, large throw pillows and a gathered bed skirt emphasize this beautiful shade while smaller pillows and linens add pattern and white for contrast. The Soho pillows and duvet beautifully frame the bed with a double velvet appliqué of straw velvet, and each of the Soho and Chloe pieces is machine washable for added convenience. To add some elegant, eye-catching lines to the collection, the Mozart and Paris pillows feature intricate baroque patterns. These pieces are dry clean only, but all pillows include their own inserts.

    Whether you’re redesigning your own bedroom or creating a space for a client, the Soho straw luxury bedding collection brings a vibrant, glamorous warmth to the bedroom. Shop for all or individual pieces of this white linen and gold velvet bedding today.


    Soho White w/ Silver Bedding Collection

    Lili Alessandra Soho silver bedding adds a bold, dark shade of grey silver to your bedding. Our white linen and silver velvet bedding features a base of Chloe throw pillows and coverlets, all with a classic diamond quilting pattern and silver velvet fabric. The rest of the Soho silver designer bedding contrasts this deep shade of silver with bright, pure white linens. Our Soho pillows and duvet both feature a double velvet appliqué that helps frame the lines of the bed, while more elegant, flowing patterns on the throw and smaller pillows give the collection some baroque style. For convenience and flexibility, all pieces in the Soho silver velvet collection, with the exception of the Mozart and Paris accents, are completely machine washable. Shop this beautiful, striking collection today.


    Casablanca Luxury White Linen Bedding

    Inspired by our previous Marrakech collection, the Casablanca white linen bedding collection is clean, simple and elegant. Its duvet features no center motif, giving the collection a basic palette that can be coordinated with any color option you can imagine. The luxury white linen bedding features a combination of beautiful, flowing white linen appliqué and basic, geometric shapes from other lines we offer, including the Emily and Mozart lines. Each pillow includes a down insert, and several pieces are machine washable for convenience. Shop the Lili Alessandra Casablanca white bedding collection today and add a pure, blank canvas to your bedroom. We ship every order for free.


    Casablanca Stone Bedding Collection

    This line of stone linen designer bedding was inspired by our former Marrakech collection and features a clean, understated design. Casablanca stone luxury bedding starts with Emily coverlets and pillows with a simple diamond quilting pattern. With more layers come more design elements, as the Casablanca duvets feature a double stone linen appliqué border to help frame the edges of the bed. The collection’s pillows add more subtle layers of detail with beautiful embroidery, and the fawn velvet applique of Valencia pillows and throws gives the bedding an Old World baroque style.

    With the exception of the Valencia pieces, everything in the Casablanca stone linen collection is machine washable! Shop the Lili Alessandra Casablanca stone collection in its entirety, or pick and choose individual elements to add to your customized space.


    Angie Natural Linen European Bedding

    The Angie Natural linen European collection of bedding combines baroque style with an unassuming color palette. A natural tan linen base is the focal point of every piece of Angie Natural linen bedding, with a clean white linen appliqué providing a pattern and design to each. This collection of bedding should be dry cleaned to maintain the integrity of the fabric, and inserts are included with each pillow. Shop the Angie Natural collection today for bedding that adds timeless design to your room without drawing attention away from the rest of the space. Shipping is free with all orders!