Linen Decorative Pillow Collections

Our luxury linen decorative throw pillows combine clean, simple linen in different shades with beautiful, ornate embroidery and appliqué patterns for a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind design. We’ve organized our high-end linen throw pillows here by collection, such as the Valencia slate and stone collections with their all-over baroque patterns and soft velvet appliqué, or the Mozart collections which emphasize the purity and clean, crisp look of white linen. Regardless of the collection you choose, we offer complimentary inserts with every pillow purchased. Several collections are machine washable for convenience, and those that aren’t are clearly labeled as dry-clean only.

Shop our elegant linen accent pillows to emphasize unique colors and patterns, and find some inspiration for your design space.


    Lili Alessandra Valencia Slate Linen Pillow Collection

    Lili Alessandra Valencia slate and fawn designer pillows are the perfect hue of “barely there” blue. The soft, subtle grey-blue hue is relaxed enough to enhance and lighten the mood of any room, and our slate blue linen and fawn velvet decorative pillows pair effortlessly with rich taupes, whites and light greys. Our Lili Alessandra Valencia slate linen pillow collection is perfect as a set or as individual accent pillows used to tie in all the colors of the room for a polished finished. Shop the entire collection of calming slate blue linen and fawn velvet decorative pillows today.


    Mozart White Linen Pillows With Gold Velvet Appliqué

    Redefine comfort and elegance with our Mozart white linen pillows with gold velvet appliqué. The gold velvet appliqué comes in various designs for simple pops of color or bold accent motifs that will elevate a room’s design. Lili Alessandra Mozart white with straw velvet pillows offer a rich and saturated hue of gold that can accentuate your living room or bedroom set, and our white linen designer pillows with gold velvet pair best with rooms featuring vivid whites, soft taupes or rich beige hues. Create a room that feels as regal as you do with Mozart white linen designer decorative pillows with gold velvet appliqué from Lili Alessandra today.


    Lili Alessandra Mozart White With Silver Velvet Pillows

    Brighten and enrich your space with Mozart white linen pillows with silver appliqué. This pillow collection pairs perfectly with vivid white, ivory and cream. The rich and bold silver velvet appliqué motif can also add a grandiose and opulent feel when used as an accent pillow in rooms with rich eggplant purples, deep greys and reds. Our white linen designer pillows with silver velvet are the missing complementary accessory that your space needs to bring it all together! Complete your room with our luxurious and lush mozart white linen pillows with silver appliqué. Browse the entire Lili Alessandra Mozart white with silver velvet pillow collection today.


    Lili Alessandra Mozart White With Ice Silver Velvet Pillows

    Build a bedroom that’s light and contemporary with Mozart white linen pillows with ice silver velvet appliqué. These elegant pillows are decorated with a soft ice silver velvet appliqué that adds a smooth, luxurious feel. Our white linen designer pillows with light silver velvet can be used to enhance the classic and gentle feel of your bedroom. Pair Lili Alessandra Mozart white with ice silver velvet pillows effortlessly in rooms with muted soft grays, neutral taupes, or subdued mauves and purples for a brightened and classic finish.

    Shop at Lili Alessandra for Mozart white linen pillows with ice silver velvet appliqué that will complement your space today.


    Lili Alessandra Natural Linen Throws & Pillows

    For adding a neutral, earthy colorway to your bedding, consider our selection of natural linen throw pillows and throws with white linen appliqué. These tan natural linen luxury throw pillows and throw blankets feature an ornate Baroque white linen appliqué across their face, giving the room a look that's instantly classic and elegant. All pillows in the natural linen collection include complimentary inserts, but all pieces should be professionally dry-cleaned to maintain the integrity of the fabric. Shop the natural linen selection of pillows and throws today.


    Embellished Luxury Throw Pillows

    The beaded decorative pillows sold at Lili Alessandra combine the timeless elegance of silk and clean linen base fabrics with the luxury of Zardozi crystals. These Zardozi crystal designer pillows are the ultimate statement accent piece, featuring beaded designs as the focal point of each pillow. Choose from three different colors and fabric options, each featuring natural silk tassels. They look great at the front of a bed’s pillow collection or strewn across a lounging chaise. Each piece includes a complimentary insert and should be professionally dry-cleaned.