Silk & Sensibility Luxury Bedding Collections

If you love the smooth, soft feel of designer silk bedding but don’t want to deal with the hassle of profession cleaning, Lili Alessandra Silk & Sensibility bedding collections are perfect for you. These luxury silk/polyester blend bedding collections have all the feel and elegance of silk combined with the convenience of machine-washable fabric. Aside from select elements in each collection, simply remove your duvet or pillow insert and drop the bedding in your washing machine.

From subtle velvet appliqué bordering to all-over baroque patterns, our silk & sensibility collections add a luxury home fashion to any space. Shop the collections today and find something that speaks to you.


    Lili Alessandra Ivory Vendome Bedding

    Our Vendome Ivory bedding collection will give your bedroom an effortlessly luxurious and opulent atmosphere with its classic and modern bedding style. Each piece of the machine-washable ivory Silk & Sensibility bedding is made from a polyester blend that will remain soft with each at-home wash.

    The timeless, monochromatic color of the Lili Alessandra Ivory Vendome bedding makes it simple to accessorize within your bedroom. This designer bedding collection can easily be paired with rich accent color tones of gold and silver or hues of brown, purple and maroon found in pillows, rugs and throws that will add to its simple and regal charm.


    Lili Alessandra Taupe Vendome Bedding

    Our Vendome taupe bedding collection’s color scheme adds a level of sophistication to your bedroom design. This bedding set is classic and contemporary, with a fawn velvet double-border appliqué lining its perimeter. Our Lili Alessandra taupe Vendome bedding can add a chic lightness to the room when paired with soft pale pinks or blue, gold and white accent colors. For bedrooms with a grandiose style, you can pair this set with the dark and rich hues of maroons or browns.

    This luxurious bedding set is a machine-washable taupe Silk & Sensibility bedding that is made from a polyester blend. Our in-house Silk & Sensibility fabric ensures your bedding remains abrasion-resistant, durable and soft when you safely wash it at home.


    Vendome Sea Foam Bedding Collection

    Create a serene and soothing bedroom with our Lili Alessandra Vendome sea foam bedding collection. With our soft hue of sea foam green, you can create a tranquil sanctuary by adding in accent colors of white and gold or pops of teal. The Vendome sea foam bedding collection is lush and soft all on its own, but with its sea foam velvet Moroccan-inspired pillows and velvet-lined European pillows, this set becomes extra dreamy. To ensure that your luxurious sea foam bedding remains as good as new, it is safe to launder at home. Our machine-washable sea foam Silk & Sensibility bedding is meant to withstand abrasion from the washing machine and will remain soft and vibrant in color.

    Create a luxurious and tranquil space with your own Lili Alessandra Vendome sea foam bedding collection.