Luxury Velvet Bedding Collections

All of the velvet designer bedding found at LiliAlessandra.com emphasizes interchangeable pieces. A decorative pillow from the Angie Champagne Velvet collection might be just what you wanted when paired with Moderne Ivory bedding, or a Moderne Silver personal blanket might add some contrast to your Moderne Blush pillows. However you want your space to feel and look, it can be achieved with Lili Alessandra velvet bedding. While we emphasize beautiful, elegant fabrics in our luxury velvet bedding, we know practicality is important. Several of our velvet pieces are machine washable for added convenience, and all pillows come with inserts.

Browse a particular collection or choose pieces from a variety of sets to create a design that’s entirely you.


    Designer Jolie Silver Velvet Bedding Collection

    Accentuate the silvers and grays of your bedding with Jolie high-end gold and silver print bedding. All pieces in the Lili Alessandra Jolie silver velvet bedding collection feature a channel-quilted silver velvet base and an all-over gold print that adds just the right touch of shimmer and elegance to more muted colors. To vary the collection’s textures and finishes, a silver faux-fur throw pillow finishes off the design.


    Jolie Straw Gold Velvet Bedding

    The Lili Alessandra Jolie straw velvet bedding collection is perfect for a glamorous bedroom intended to make a statement. All pieces of this glamorous gold-print bedding are made with soft, channel-quilted straw velvet and accented with an all-over shimmering gold print. Perfect as accent pieces for straw velvet basics, our elegant Jolie straw velvet bedding highlights the gold elements of the color scheme without detracting from the rest of the design. To punctuate the look, a chestnut faux-fur throw pillow is included. Shop the entire collection for a glamorous, bold look in the bedroom.


    Soho Ivory Matte Velvet with Fawn Bedding

    Our Soho bedding made of Matte Ivory Velvet with fawn velvet applique is luxurious and machine washable. Coordinates with Chloe Fawn Velvet quilted coverlet and shams. Can be accented with our Jackie throw in fawn velvet with matte ivory applique.


    Lili Alessandra Twig & Chloe Ivory Bedding

    The Twig & Chloe combines clean ivory velvet with accents of black and gold for a modern, minimalist bedding collection that looks luxurious in the master suite of any modern home. Creating the base of the collection is luxury washable ivory velvet bedding from the Chloe collection. Each of these pieces, aside from the padded Comfortlets, features a classic diamond-quilted pattern and 1” flange for a timeless look that could stand on its own. To give the design some modern flair and contrast, we’ve added bold blacks and golds from our Twig and faux fur collections. Each of the Twig pillows features an ivory Venetian silk base with black velvet appliqué and gold embroidery, while the black faux fur throws and pillows add texture and glam to the collection. The Twig & Chloe collection is the perfect look for a successful bachelorette.

  • ZARA

    Zara Light Grey Matte Velvet with Gold Print Bedding

    Our Zara bedding in silver velvet w gold print is bold and modern. Pairs beautifully with our Zara decorative pillows made in black velvet with antique gold embroidery.