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Machine-Washable Velvet Coverlets & Padded Comforters

Shop with Lili Alessandra for a great representation of the elegance, comfort and style of velvet in comforters and coverlets.

    Aria Light Grey Matte Velvet Coverlets, Blanket & Pillows

    Aria 1-inch Channel Quilted Light Grey Velvet quilted coverlets and pillow shams are machine washable.


    Aria Raffia Matte Velvet Coverlets, Blanket & Pillows

    Aria 1-inch Channel Quilted Raffia Matte Velvet quilted coverlets and pillow shams are machine washable.


    Aria Sky Matte Velvet Coverlets, Blanket & Pillows

    Aria 1-inch Channel Quilted Sky Matte Velvet quilted coverlets and pillow shams are machine washable.


    Aria White Matte Velvet Coverlets, Blanket & Pillows

    Aria 1-inch Channel Quilted White Matte Velvet quilted coverlets and pillow shams are machine washable.


    Chloe Ivory Velvet Coverlets, Comfortlets & Pillows

    Lili Alessandra Chloe Ivory velvet basics is the foundation to your bedding ensemble. Pre-washed and machine-washable, Chloe Ivory diamond-quilted coverlets and pillows are a great option for luxury and versatility. The Chloe “Comfortlet” is the ideal bedding piece that is luxurious, lofty, and already padded - no need for a duvet insert, less hassle and more comfort.


    Chloe Fawn Velvet Quilted Bedding Collection

    Our imported washable fawn velvet Chloe bedding combines practicality with pristine luxury. Every piece of the Chloe fawn velvet collection is entirely machine washable, but made from the softest, pre-washed velvet. The coverlets and pillows feature a timeless diamond quilted pattern across the face with a simple 1” velvet flange along the border, and the collection’s Comfortlets come padded with a repeating embroidered emblem across the fabric. Mix and match individual pieces to create your own design, or complete the look by purchasing the entire fawn velvet line of Chloe bedding. However you incorporate the Chloe fawn velvet collection into your design, it’s sure to give your space a glamorous, upscale feel.

    Shop the Chloe fawn velvet quilted bedding collection for the perfect blend of convenience and elegance. All pillows come with complimentary inserts.


    Chloe Sea Foam Velvet Coverlets, Comfortlets & Pillows

    The Lili Alessandra Chloe seafoam velvet bedding collection takes a classic, diamond-quilted design and applies it to soft, bright, soothing seafoam velvet for a look that’s equally familiar and unique. Each piece of this designer seafoam blue-green bedding features a 1-inch flange and is entirely machine washable for convenience. Accent the bold, rich colors of this seafoam velvet bedding collection with crisp white bedsheets with touches of gold and straw for a warm, inviting look, or use the seafoam pillows as accents for a colorful design all your own.


    Diamond-Quilted Chloe Straw Gold Velvet Bedding Collection

    The Lili Alessandra Chloe Straw Velvet bedding collection features a selection of pillows, coverlets, bed skirts and our unique Comfortlets in rich, golden straw velvet. Comfortlets come padded and reverse to a silky soft Silk & Sensibility side that’s elegant and smooth, while pillows and coverlets feature a classic diamond quilt pattern that’s always in style. If your bedding design needs fewer shapes or patterns, simply turn over the coverlet to find a smooth Silk & Sensibility side, similar to the Comfortlet. Pillows, coverlets and bed skirts are machine-washable for added convenience, and all pillows come with included inserts.

    Shop this luxurious machine-washable straw velvet bedding collection today.


    Chloe Ice Silver Velvet Bedding

    The grey-silver shade of this velvet bedding collection gives it a sophisticated, glamorous look. The Lili Alessandra Chloe Ice Silver velvet collection features a timeless, simple diamond quilting pattern across the face of each pillow and coverlet. All pillows in this machine-washable silver velvet bedding collection include their own inserts, and the coverlets are reversible to a soft, silky Silk & Sensibility side. Whether paired with basic white bed sheets or accented with touches of color in throws and pillows, the Chloe collection in ice silver velvet is practical and elegant.


    Lili Alessandra Chloe Silver Velvet Bedding

    Allow yourself to slip into comfort with the ultra-lush Lili Alessandra Chloe silver velvet bedding. The velvet finish of this set creates a silky yet glamorous modernized look. Our diamond-quilted silver velvet bedding adds subtle texture with its soft velvet finish.

    With the Chloe silver velvet bedding collection, you can create a relaxing space that is elegant and rich, with muted pops of color from black and silver. For a lighter and softer space, this set pairs perfectly with soft pink and purple pastels and lighter gray tones. Adding pops of color through bed sheets, pillows, curtains and artwork can enrich the luxurious and tranquil nature of your bedroom. Regardless of your style, the Chloe silver velvet bedding collection can be tailored to fit your bedroom.

More about Chloe Velvet Basics:

Bring rich color and Old Hollywood Glam to any space with our selection of velvet diamond-quilted coverlets and luxury velvet padded comforters. Our Chloe collections feature washable designer velvet comforters that come pre-padded, so there’s no need for the hassle of an insert. Matching decorative pillows and bed skirts continue the rich, soft feel of velvet throughout each collection, and they pair wonderfully with several pieces from our other collections, making our velvet bedding quite versatile in any venue.