Velvet Decorative Pillow Collections

Velvet decorative pillows instantly elevate a space to a certain level of elegance and luxury. We offer a variety of designer velvet accent pillows in beautiful shades and styles to accentuate your furniture or draw attention. Many of our elegant velvet throw pillows feature an intricate velvet appliqué sewn directly onto the pillow in baroque, geometric, and transitional designs. Several of our designs are bold and glamorous, and these luxury velvet throw pillows feature shimmering prints that make their colors stand out or bead embellishments for a classic touch. Each pillow comes with a complimentary insert with purchase. Shop today and add the elegant, timeless touch of velvet to your design.


    Designer Jolie Silver Velvet Bedding Collection

    Accentuate the silvers and grays of your bedding with Jolie high-end gold and silver print bedding. All pieces in the Lili Alessandra Jolie silver velvet bedding collection feature a channel-quilted silver velvet base and an all-over gold print that adds just the right touch of shimmer and elegance to more muted colors. To vary the collection’s textures and finishes, a silver faux-fur throw pillow finishes off the design.


    Jolie Straw Gold Velvet Bedding

    The Lili Alessandra Jolie straw velvet bedding collection is perfect for a glamorous bedroom intended to make a statement. All pieces of this glamorous gold-print bedding are made with soft, channel-quilted straw velvet and accented with an all-over shimmering gold print. Perfect as accent pieces for straw velvet basics, our elegant Jolie straw velvet bedding highlights the gold elements of the color scheme without detracting from the rest of the design. To punctuate the look, a chestnut faux-fur throw pillow is included. Shop the entire collection for a glamorous, bold look in the bedroom.


    Platinum Velvet Decorative Pillows

    Platinum velvet designer throw pillows give a rich, dramatic design and colorway to any space. Whether you’re decorating a bedspread or placing a few pillows on accent furniture, designer throw pillows in platinum velvet add a glamorous and modern element to a design motif. Lili Alessandra platinum velvet pillows come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any furniture, and they incorporate beautiful base fabrics such as basketweave for a simple contrast. Complimentary pillow inserts are included with each piece, and professional dry cleaning is recommended to maintain the integrity of this delicate, beautiful fabric.


    Lili Alessandra Blush Velvet Designer Throw Pillows

    Add a touch of elegance to your home with our blush velvet luxury throw pillows. The Lili Alessandra blush velvet pillow collection features multiple silver print designs finished with silver bead embellishments that can complement rooms with various opulent styles. Use our blush velvet decorative pillows as a subtle accent color to tie in rooms with soft greys, muted taupes, or rich peach and navy tones for a striking yet subtle pairing. Shop our collection of blush velvet designer throw pillows at Lili Alessandra today to create a cohesive and breathtaking space that feels luxurious and lush.


    Lili Alessandra Moderne Velvet Pillow Collection

    Create a striking pairing in any room with our Moderne velvet and platinum foil pillows. Lili Alessandra Moderne velvet and foil pillows come in blush, platinum, plum, ivory, midnight, straw and teal. Adding a Moderne velvet and platinum foil pillow to your space will create a high fashion and elegant, modernized feel. With our wide range of color options, you can effortlessly pair our decorative pillows with simple and monochromatic colors or bold and deep color schemes with orange or blue hues for a cohesive look.


    Lili Alessandra Must Have Velvets Pillows Collection

    Add a stylish flair to any room with our Must Have Velvets decorative pillows. These neutral throw pillows are subdued in color but distinct in texture and design, making them a luxuriously captivating addition to any bedding set or lounge room. In our Must Have Velvets collection, you’ll find beautiful silver and ivory velvet decorative pillows accented with intricate Parisian designs. The throw pillows in our selection are offered in a variety of different sizes, including standard, European and king. Our silver/gray velvet pillows make a great addition to themes with color, while our ivory and champagne pillows are perfectly suited for color schemes with warm or neutral undertones. Not sure which tone is the perfect fit for your room? Chat with a bedding expert today to decide between a warm champagne or cool silver velvet throw pillow.

    Shams are machine washable and pillow inserts are included. Stock up on luscious velvet pillows at closeout prices with Lili Alessandra.


    Velvet Zebra-Print Pillows

    With our decorative zebra pillows, you can add a fun and bold accent to your space. Our velvet zebra-print pillows come in a lush ivory velvet embellished with pewter beads. The addition of pewter beads creates a subtle bluish-gray hue to these throw pillows that’s soft and luxurious. To ensure that your elegant velvet zebra pillows last and remain free of stains, we recommend professional dry cleaning only. To accommodate all spaces and sizes, we have three sizing options; square, small rectangle and large rectangle. A luxury zebra-print throw pillow could be the statement piece your space needs to be complete!