Vendome Sea Foam Bedding Collection

Create a serene and soothing bedroom with our Lili Alessandra Vendome sea foam bedding collection. With our soft hue of sea foam green, you can create a tranquil sanctuary by adding in accent colors of white and gold or pops of teal. The Vendome sea foam bedding collection is lush and soft all on its own, but with its sea foam velvet Moroccan-inspired pillows and velvet-lined European pillows, this set becomes extra dreamy. To ensure that your luxurious sea foam bedding remains as good as new, it is safe to launder at home. Our machine-washable sea foam Silk & Sensibility bedding is meant to withstand abrasion from the washing machine and will remain soft and vibrant in color.

Create a luxurious and tranquil space with your own Lili Alessandra Vendome sea foam bedding collection.

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