Lili Alessandra Taupe Vendome Bedding

Our Vendome taupe bedding collection’s color scheme adds a level of sophistication to your bedroom design. This bedding set is classic and contemporary, with a fawn velvet double-border appliqué lining its perimeter. Our Lili Alessandra taupe Vendome bedding can add a chic lightness to the room when paired with soft pale pinks or blue, gold and white accent colors. For bedrooms with a grandiose style, you can pair this set with the dark and rich hues of maroons or browns.

This luxurious bedding set is a machine-washable taupe Silk & Sensibility bedding that is made from a polyester blend. Our in-house Silk & Sensibility fabric ensures your bedding remains abrasion-resistant, durable and soft when you safely wash it at home.

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